Kicking off 2022 .. Unveiling Life Education Trust Mid-South Canterbury's new mobile classroom are (from left) photographer Geoff Cloake, chairman Jeff Paul, educator Jane Hooper, trustee Annette Bray, deputy chairwoman Clare Bruce and Timaru Signs Graphix director Peter Taylor. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

by Helen Holt

Harold the Giraffe has returned to Timaru, and he is in a newly refurbished classroom.

The Life Education Trust unveiled its fresh-faced classroom on Tuesday last week at Sacred Heart Primary, Timaru.

The classroom was rewrapped by Peter Taylor from Timaru Signs Graphix, and features a photo taken by former trustee Geoff Cloake.

The trust identified more than a year ago that the mobile classroom required maintenance and repairs and, of equal importance, a total rewrap of the exterior surfaces.

Deputy chairwoman Clare Bruce said it was the first rewrap since it was first done 20 years ago.

“Throughout 2021 from concept planning, liaising with Geoff Cloake for the photos, to the expertise of the Timaru Signs team, the trust are thrilled to launch the refreshed look for the start of the 2022 school year.”

She said the classroom would travel all over Mid-South Canterbury to teach children important life lessons.

“The trust provides two sessions of learning per year per child for approximately 8000 children across the wide geographical area of South and Mid Canterbury.

“To clarify, the programme is taken from Glenavy to Rakaia and from the coast to the mountains and everywhere in between.

“Life Education offers an education outside the classroom experience to children.

“It’s this environment, our registered specialist teachers and integrated teaching model that makes Life Education successful.

“Topics explored include food and nutrition, human biology, substances, identity and resilience and relationships.”

New classroom . . . The new-look mobile classroom from Life Education
Trust Mid-South Canterbury arrives at Sacred Heart Primary, Timaru. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Mrs Bruce said the trust was looking for volunteer trustees.

“The Mid and South Canterbury Trust is currently run by seven trustees and a part-time administrator.

“To enable us to function as a viable trust, we are seeking expressions of interest for more volunteers to become trustees.

“The key attributes of a trustee are to be motivated, enjoy working in a team environment and coming from a broad range of backgrounds and skill sets,” she said.

“As a team, the trustees share a keen desire and willingness to make a difference in society our children the best start in life possible.”