Swimming hole lost to flood works

Filled in . . . A popular swimming hole near Geraldine’s Waitui Dr has been filled in, as part of Environment Canterbury’s May 2021 flood recovery works. PHOTO: SHELLEY INON

A popular Geraldine swimming hole has disappeared amid flood recovery works.

The swimming hole near the end of Waitui Dr has had its banks flattened and has been filled in with gravel.

An Environment Canterbury spokesperson said earthmoving was completed in December last year, as part of the May 2021 flood recovery works.

But, as it was so far away from the town centre, only intrepid dog walkers and children searching for their favourite swimming hole appear to have stumbled across it.

Chad Tozer has watched the earthworks with interest, as a resident of Waitui Dr and a member of the volunteer Waitui Drive Walkway Group.

Mr Tozer said he walked his dog daily through the area and had been surprised when they began.

He said ‘‘the rock face had been so pretty, it’s a shame to have lost it’’.

He hoped another swimming hole would be created for the children.

Environment Canterbury rivers manager David Aires said that before Christmas last year the organisation had carried out stopbank repairs which included moving the stopbank back.

Mr Aires said the project had utilised material from the previous stopbank and moved shingle from upstream of the site.

‘‘The result of these works filled in the swimming hole that was previously present, however the swimming hole downstream on the true left remains,’’ he said.