Predator traps flying off the shelves, trust says


by Helen Holt

The Geraldine Trapping Alliance wants to expand its predator control in South Canterbury.

The trust is made up of multiple organisations, including the Orari River Protection Group, which places predator traps in the area for possums, mustelids and rats.

The trust is seeking to expand its radius by combining with other trapping organisations from as far as Timaru.

It is also seeking more volunteers, and people who can set up traps in local parks and even their back gardens.

It recently set up a “trap library” from which urban residents can borrow traps for up to three months.

Secretary Tim Exton said he was amazed at the response.

“We ran out of traps very quickly -we’re going to have to order some more.”

Traps were important in urban areas, he said.

“We believe if we have more possum traps in urban areas, then we will see more native birds in the townships.

“There may be predators around in areas we are not covering at the moment.

“We want volunteers who can plant traps to fill in the gaps.”

At present, the trust placed traps around the area, including at Peel Forest and the Orari and Opuha Rivers, and wanted to ramp up the efforts in South Canterbury as part of Predator Free Geraldine, and Predator Free 2050 for New Zealand.