Quick buff-up . . . South Canterbury Rugby president Neville Twaddell polishes the nine trophies from the 2021 Heartland Championship. He still has to find a cabinet to put them in. PHOTO: HELEN HOLT

by Helen Holt

South Canterbury’s trophy cabinet is bursting at the seams after an unbeaten rugby season.

The team scored nine trophies from the 2021 Heartland season, including the Meads Cup for winning the championship.

South Canterbury Rugby Football Union president Neville Twaddell said the trophies were being stored on a table because there was nowhere else to put them.

“I don’t think anyone will try to steal them.

“If North Otago or Mid Canterbury did, we would have the proof that they’re rightfully ours.”

Twaddell, who played for the team in the 1960s and 1970s, said he was rapt with the season.

“This is the first year we’ve ever won the Meads Cup, or had a clean sweep.

“My first season as president we gave away three trophies. My predecessor Murray Roberts had a go at me for that.”

He took great pleasure in informing Roberts of the South Canterbury win.

“The other day at golf, I walked out of my car holding two medals – the Lochore Cup and the Meads Cup medal,” Twaddell said.

“Let’s just say he surrendered.”

The former South Canterbury fullback said the Ranfurly Shield was the only prize missing from the season .

“I was lucky enough to play for South Canterbury when we had the shield in 1974.

“It is the highlight of anyone’s career.

“There have been many great All Blacks who’ve never held on to the shield.”

The Meads Cup winners are entitled to a challenge against Hawke’s Bay early next season.

Twaddell told the Courier reporter- a former Hawke’s Bay resident- that the “pressure’s on”.