Subway Milk Cup Rippa Rugby

Pick the gap . . . Gleniti pupil Sophie Dunn, 10, looks to break through the Lauriston defensive line. PHOTO: CONNOR HALEY

Pupils from Waitaki, Mid and South Canterbury schools have gone head to head over the last few weeks in the Subway Milk Cup rippa rugby tournament. Reporter Connor Haley caught the year 5 and 6 finals held at Ashbury Park in Timaru, while Nic Duff was there for the year 7 and 8 finals at Centennial Park in Oamaru.

Big winners . . . Lauriston School celebrate their year 5 and 6 Milk Cup victory along with Gleniti School, Barton School and Carew Peel Forest School. PHOTO: CONNOR HALEY
Turning on the gas . . . Gleniti School pupil Kaiya Salisbury, 10, takes off past Lauriston School pupils (from left) Ezekiel and Sam. PHOTO: CONNOR HALEY
Pin your ears back . . . Highfield School pupil Van MacAskill, 12, tries to use his speed to find the edge of the defence.
Slicing the defence . . . Gleniti School pupil Lincoln McKenzie, 13, shoots through a gap. PHOTO: NIC DUFF
Fleet-footed . . . Sacred Heart Primary School pupil Meila Saena, 12, skips around a Pleasant Point School defender. PHOTO: NIC DUFF