Playing the long game . . . Gleniti golfers (from left) Keith Smith, Colin White, Matt Mayo, Jodi Welsh, Doug Bennett and Robert Gibbons will play 72 holes on Friday to fundraise for the Cancer Society South Canterbury. PHOTO: HELEN HOLT

by Helen Holt

A team of Gleniti golfers will each play four rounds of golf this Friday to raise funds for the Cancer Society.

The team known as the “Golf Gods” will play 72 holes in one day as part of the nationwide “The Longest Day of Golf” event to benefit Cancer Society South Canterbury.

The team comprises Jodi Welsh, Robert Gibbons, Doug Bennett, Keith Smith, Matt Mayo, Andy Walton-Woodings, Colin White, Mark Black and Stu Corry.

Mr Bennett discovered the nationwide event six weeks ago and encouraged other club members to get involved. Consequently, he became known as the ideas man.

“I had ideas previously to do something for cancer.

“We’re hoping to raise $1000 this year.

“Our organisation had been a bit rushed because we only decided to do it six weeks ago.

“We’re planning to do it next year, and push the fundraising a bit more.”

The team will tee off at 5.30am on Friday and hope each round will take three hours.

“If you’re a real golfer, one round isn’t enough,” Mr Gibbons said.

The team has started fundraising through an online website, raffles and donation tins at the golf club.

The club’s pro, Peter Hayes, had been a great support and sponsor, Mr Bennett said.

“He said he will donate $5 for each birdie we wouldn’t get that many and $1 for every coffee bought at the club on Friday.”

*Note: Print edition said event is happening on Saturday. Correct date is Friday January 21