Milestone in park redevelopment

Getting ready . . . All the ropes and hoists are double checked before lifting the 1.5 tonne light tower. PHOTOS: CONNOR HALEY

It is getting closer to turf time as the Fraser Park redevelopment passed another big milestone on the path to opening.

On Monday morning, tradies momentarily halted work and members of the Fraser Park Trust stopped by to watch two of the 30m-tall, 1.5 tonne light towers get shifted to new places in order to make space for the hybrid turf to be laid.

The two towers, which were originally installed in the early 1990s, were hoisted by crane and carefully placed on to new foundation blocks about 5m back from their original positions.

Quick shift . . . The towers needed to be shifted back to allow for the field to be correctly realigned.

With the pavilion coming out further than first thought, the two corner towers on the old stand side had to be shifted to allow room for the field to be realigned correctly.

Project redevelopment manager Phillipa Guerin said it was great to finally get them shifted as it now allowed them to properly focus on the turf.

‘‘The turf is what this redevelopment is really all about, it’s multisport, so getting the towers shifted is really quite momentous.

New home . . . New foundation pads were created for the light towers to be shifted on to.

‘‘It’s been a long time coming.’’

Mrs Guerin said getting the light towers shifted had actually been one of the biggest challenges they had faced in the redevelopment.

‘‘We’ve followed all the correct procedures and specifically the health and safety requirements because we are in a residential area so everything has been followed to the letter.’’

The turf installation, provided the weather played ball, was expected to take about six to eight weeks, she said.

On the move . . .The tower is lifted and slowly swung to be placed on its new foundation pad, about 5m back.