Bluestone pupils reach out to Plunket

Showing support . . . Timaru Plunket staff and Bluestone pupils are all smiles after exchanging gifts. PHOTO: CONNOR HALEY

Bluestone School pupils have carried on their random acts of kindness by paying it forward to Timaru Plunket.

As part of their ‘‘reaching out to communities’’ focus for term four, five groups of year 7 and 8 pupils have been out and about this month, learning the important lesson of giving back.

Having raised more than $6500 through a walkathon, the pupils are using the funds to donate both money and goods to different groups and organisations around South Canterbury, the latest being Timaru Plunket.

The pupils provided Plunket with several gift bags to pass on to young mums in need.

The bags featured drawings and supportive messages. They contained items such as toys, wet wipes, moisturisers and face masks intended to make being a mum that little bit easier.

Paying it forward . . . The gift bags given by the Bluestone pupils featured items such as toys, wet wipes, moisturisers and face masks.

A large hamper of afternoon tea items was also given to the Plunket staff to thank them for their efforts.

Bluestone teacher Kate Vaughan said it was important that children learned to give back to their community.

‘‘It’s important for them to learn about the different organisations around them, how they function and how they provide support for specific groups of people in the community.

‘‘It’s especially good for them to be able to share out a bit of joy and love at this time of the year.’’

Bluestone pupil Emma Carson-Iles, 12, said they had a budget of $300 to spend.

‘‘We decided to get some baby toys and something nice for the mothers in each bag.

‘‘We also made a little card to go in each bag.

‘‘We think it is important for young mums to get a little bit of support.

‘‘It’s a really good feeling to be able to help.’’

Timaru Plunket clinical leader Paul Watson said it was fantastic to see young people wanting to pay it forward.

Showing appreciation . . . Plunket mascot Big Blue gives the Bluestone pupils a small gift to say thank you. PHOTO: CONNOR HALEY

‘‘The effort that they’ve gone through to raise the money, to think about the projects and come in and give gifts that think about the whole family, not just the babies but also the mums and what they need, is just great.’’

Timaru Plunket community service co-ordinator Louise Sullivan-Haley said she hoped the pupils realised how much their gifts meant.

‘‘They are a fantastic group of young people.

‘‘We are very honoured to be one of the recipients of their hard work and it means so much, not only to the families that will receive the gifts but also to the staff at Plunket. It made our week.’’

As a thank you, Plunket provided the pupils with small Plunket bear plushies and a certificate of appreciation.