Family in focus . . . Andrew Patrick takes a photo of his children (from left) Jasmin (6), Jorja (8), Jade (9) and James (5). PHOTOS: SUPPLIED

by Shelley Inon

Geraldine’s main street has had an injection of glamour recently with the opening of Prestige Photography, a studio-based photography company.

While it is new to locals the business has been a long time coming.

Andrew and Deb Patrick moved back home to Geraldine from Australia five years ago.

Mr Patrick said knowing how long it took to start a photography business “and with five children to feed”, it just was not the right time to start over again.

Now their children are all at school, the pair are able to invest the time to get it up and running.

Their first foray into studio photography started more than 10 years ago in Perth.

Glamour . . . A model pose captured by Andrew Patrick.

One company was a small glamour studio and the other – Pipsqueaks Portraits – took photos of children at preschools playing in their natural environment.

Mrs Patrick joked that it was “a mix between portrait photography and sports photography”.

She said they would corral 200-plus children a week for the camera and capture images of them each morning before noon, because “after lunch they became tired, and they’d lose enthusiasm”.

With high-quality cameras on smartphones in pockets everywhere, Mr Patrick could understand that people might be confused about what studio photography could offer them.

He said the images they created were “a little different to what most people can take with a phone, and it’s all about the experience we give them”.

Unlike photos taken on phones (that hardly ever get printed), Prestige is all about printed images on walls.

So much so, they have a software program which allows people to see their framed images, scaled on a wall before buying them.

“Clients can even bring images of their own walls for us to use during our viewing and ordering sessions,” Mr Patrick said.

Their lights and cameras would not warp people’s faces or noses like the selfie function on a cellphone would, making it the perfect hard copy for future generations to look at and see what their loved ones looked like when they were younger.

With local hairdressers and makeup artists on board, they offered a full service before having photos taken.

They also offered glamour and boudoir shoots, which were “incredibly popular” in Australia, but had not really taken off here yet, he said.