Preparing for Timaru Smokefree Rockquest

Music makers . . . Jamming together ahead of the final is Inside Joke, comprised of Roncalli College pupils (from left) Zac Campbell, year 11, Luke Campbell, year 10, and Athan Liew, year 10. PHOTO: STEVIE WALLACE

With the Timaru Smokefree Rockquest final looming tomorrow, Roncalli College pupils have been hard at work this week making sure they are ready.

In tune . . . Rehearsing ahead of the solo/duo category is Roncalli College year 12 pupil Maevi Fleming. PHOTO: STEVIE WALLACE
Counting the beat . . . Taking some time to practise are Roncalli College pupils Zach MacMillan, year 12, and Hayden James, year 13, from the band Eriff. PHOTO: STEVIE WALLACE
In sync . . . Rehearsing are Three of a Kind members Angus Clarke and Aisha Wakefield both year 9. PHOTO: STEVIE WALLACE
Rock on . . . Ready to compete at the Smokefree Rockquest are Roncalli College pupils (back from left) Luke Campbell, Zac Campbell, Athan Liew, Zach MacMillan, Hayden James, (front from left) Aisha Wakefield, Stevie Wallace and Maevi Fleming. PHOTO: EMILY THOMPSON