by Helen Holt

An Auckland-based musician stuck in Timaru hopes to embrace the local music scene.

Former Mountainview High School pupil Lachlan McBride travelled south in early August to visit family, and has been living here for the past three months while Auckland has remained in lockdown.

The musician performs as “Lachi” recorded four songs in July for his latest EP From Boy to Joy which will be released later this year.

He described the first song Dreams as the most honest music he had written.

“I see it as being biographical of my life.

“It’s all about knowing oneself, and being able to relate to other people.”

Dreams is the first single as part of his EP.

He said the project was instrumental in the underlying message.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I hope that message can resonate to those who listen to it.”

McBride recorded and mixed his songs in his Auckland home, with a microphone and a computer.

The music video for Dreams was filmed at Caroline Bay, by his friend and Ara tutor Raymond Bransgrove.

He also designed the artwork for McBride’s albums.

McBride started making music in mid-2018, after a near-death experience.

“I’d taken too many drugs, and had a psychedelic experience gone bad.

“Once I became sober, ever since I’ve had a sense of gratitude.

“When I lived in Wellington, I would help a friend write music, and we used to collaborate.

“We never released it, but I learnt so much from him.

“It definitely sparked a passion. ”

The 26-year-old said writing music for the first time was like an awakening.

He released his first single in 2019, and four since. Dreams will be his first single of 2021.

McBride used to work for a clothing brand, and was making his way in fashion before he got the inspiration to make music.

“I’ve always been artistic. It’s integral to who I am.

“I’m quite a visual person as well.”

His father Peter is a musician in Timaru.

“I’ve always had music in my life and my dad plays guitar. He played guitar for one of my first singles.

“He basically taught me the whole trade. He’s been my lightbearer.

“I’ve always sung along to music, and listen to all different types, which I guess is why my music doesn’t have an immediate genre.

“I’m still developing my voice. I’m excited about my songs that I’m releasing this year. ”

McBride hoped to perform while he was stuck down south.

“My dad is in a couple of bands here, so I hope I can perform with him.

“I’d like to put on a gig or two, but I need to sort out logistics.”

With his music equipment still in Auckland, he has taken up poetry as his creative outlet.

The single Dreams will be released on November 27.