Two ECan seats again


by Greta Yeoman

South Canterbury will return to having two Environment Canterbury representatives from next year.

The regional council announced its members had listened to the 20 submissions from South Canterbury individuals and groups asking it to increase its one-member representation to two.

Chairman Steve Lowndes confirmed the changes last week after there was “unanimous” agreement from council members to increase next year’s membership to 14.

The council was set to release its final proposal at a council meeting today, after months of representation review work.

The council would return to a 14-member fully democratically elected body next year, for the first time since 2010, when the then National government sacked the entire council and installed commissioners in its place.

The council would now have eight Christchurch members and two each for North Canterbury, Mid Canterbury and South Canterbury.

The initial proposal would also be amended by changing the name of the Christchurch North constituency to Christchurch North East, Mr Lowndes said.latest Running SneakersMiesten keng├Ąt laajasta valikoimasta