There’s more to life than just getting by

5 Questions with Dr Libby Weaver


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Why are you coming to Timaru?
I’m passionate about helping people to lead fulfilled lives and I know from clinical experience that many people spend a good portion of their life just getting by.
I want to empower people with information to help them thrive.
People tolerate a foggy brain, they drag themselves around, often feel like they are a slave to everyone else or beat themselves up for not achieving their plans or dreams and the list goes on.
I want people to know there is another way to live.

What is your job?
I’m a nutritional biochemist, an author and speaker.

How did you get into your job?
It’s funny because in a way I don’t feel like I consciously chose this career path.
I feel like my life has been very blessed. All I knew as a youngster was that I’d write books.
Writing has always been a passion but having initially followed a very scientific career path with 14 years at university, it is a joy to use that as a foundation for my three-pillar approach to wellness: the biochemical, the nutritional and the emotional.
I absolutely love the combination of the creativity I experience when I’m writing combined with also fulfilling the analytical research/scientific component of my work.
Most importantly, I believe my purpose is to help educate people about the importance of taking great care of themselves so I’m very grateful I get to wake up everyday and do this.

What will your message to the people of Timaru be?
There is so much misinformation out there when it comes to women’s bodies.
We’re living in an era where young girls are questioning their value at increasingly young ages due to societal and often media influences.
I have often had older women say to me, “I wish I knew this information when I was younger”. I want women of all ages to understand how they can take better care of themselves.

Have you been to Timaru before? If yes, what are your memories of it? If not, what are you looking forward to seeing here?
Yes I have, many times. It’s a beautiful town full of very warm-hearted people, which reminds me of where I grew up.Best SneakersNike