Providing information, support


Timaru Prostate Support group co-ordinator
Bob Penty

QWhat is your role with the Prostate Cancer Foundation?
‘‘New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation is the governing body for New Zealand. I am the co-ordinator for the local Prostate Support Group.’’
‘ Early diagnosis usually has a 95% success rate. ‘
QWhat does the Timaru support group do?
‘‘Gives our members information through speakers and the opportunity to talk with other men involved with prostate cancer, and their partners.’’
QHow did you get involved with the group?
‘‘I was diagnosed with prostate cancer approximately 18 months ago and had a radical prostatectomy. A close friend encouraged me to join as he had also been diagnosed.’’
QTraditionally are New Zealand men proactive with their health and getting doctor’s checks?
‘‘No, but one of the aims of our organisation is to promote awareness and testing for prostate cancer. Early diagnosis usually has a 95% success rate.’’
QHow can people get involved with the Timaru group?
‘‘By coming to our meetings the second Tuesday of the month at the Cancer Society rooms — partners welcome, or by talking to a member.’’Asics shoesNike