Schools promote gardening


by Claire Allison

The Waimate Community Garden is helping local schools promote gardening in the community.

Members have been helping equip and educate pupils about gardening by obtaining materials and funding and providing volunteers.

The work has also been supported by local businesses.

Hook Bush Nursery recently donated a substantial amount of compost to Waituna Creek School to top up its garden beds in anticipation of using more of the space.

Rooney Earthmoving donated a substantial amount of pebbles to enhance Main School’s garden space and the Fonterra Grassroots Fund has contributed towards tools and materials.

Waituna Creek, Waimate Main School and the Waimate Community Garden are collaborating along with other local schools to introduce a “seed to table” programme to their regular programme.

Waimate Community Garden member Kylie Douglas said they were working towards getting support from the Waimate District Council and Environment Canterbury, and anyone else in the community who was willing to help pupils participate in change towards sustainability.

“We are brainstorming a format that we can implement for the long term, and are intending to obtain funding to co-ordinate this project, which involves supporting volunteers to be able to implement a programme on a weekly basis through the school year.”

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