Plans for book to help child cancer effort


by Al Williams

Timaru man Terrance Page is determined to reduce the rate of child cancer in New Zealand.
The Courier first spoke to Mr Page in July, when he called for a review into what he described as an alarming rate of child cancer in New Zealand.
Mr Page still wants a select committee to be formed to investigate the matter and more money earmarked for research.
His niece Macey Burgess lymphoblastic leukaemia in February and was undergoing treatment, including chemotherapy.
In the meantime, Mr Page has created a storyboard in the form of illustrations of a book he wants to publish.
Mr Page said the book would be titled Jim Buys A Truck, a story for children about a man who eats vegetables and can lift a V8 engine with the enduring strength he gains from a healthy diet.
“The idea is to get kids eating vegetables. I don’t want to give up and the proceeds will go to child cancer research.
“Someone needs to do something to help these kids.”Running sportsNike Shoes