Free lunches launched at high school


by Daisy Hudson

THERE’S no such thing as a free lunch — unless you’re a Mountainview High School pupil, that is.

They were lining up at the school canteen on Monday to pick up a free healthy lunch, courtesy of a Government programme to provide food in schools.

Principal Kenny Diamond said the Ministry of Education contacted the school about six weeks ago to see if it would be interested.

It was, and the school was ultimately funded to provide lunch for every pupil, every day.

It catered to dietary requirements, allergies and religious beliefs.

Mr Diamond said the programme was “awesome”.

“We know that many of our students often go without lunch, we know that we’ve got lots of families that are struggling.

“From my point of view you can do two things about that. You can know that that’s happening and complain that it shouldn’t be the case, or you can do something about it.”

Mountainview was the first school in South Canterbury to start the programme, but several others would soon be joining.

On Monday, the first day of the programme, bags containing a wrap, an apple, and a muffin were dished out to pupils. The food was prepared in the canteen, and each day the menu would change.

The programme means the canteen will no longer operate as the traditional school tuck shop.

Head girl Beth McHaffie (18) described the programme as revolutionary.

“It’s awesome money is being put into this,” she said.

Year 10 pupil Joash Jorgensen (14) agreed.

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