Record-breakers . . . Opihi College swimmers (from left) Anika Bagrie (12), Sophie Hall (13) and Amelia Holland (12) smashed nine records between them at the school's swimming sports last month. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Records tumbled at Opihi College’s swimming sports on February 23.

Nine records were broken by three talented swimmers, Anika Bagrie, Sophie Hall and Amelia Holland, all of whom swim for the Temuka Swimming Club and have represented Temuka at South Island and national competitions.

Year 9 pupil Sophie broke four records in the year 9-10 girls’ competition, some of which dated back to the 1990s.

Year 8 pupil Anika also broke four records, two of which had been set by Sophie the previous year, and fellow year 8 pupil Amelia also broke one of Sophie’s 2017 records.

Records broken:

Sophie Hall: Yr 9-10 girls’ 100m freestyle, 1min 10.18sec (previous record: M Dale 1min 10.60sec, 2011); yr 9-10 girls’ 100m backstroke, 1min 25.06sec (C Burrough 1min 25.94sec, 1998); open girls’ 100m butterfly, 1min 28.15sec (M Dale 1min 36.72sec, 2011); yr 9-10 girls 33m backstroke, 24.99sec (C Burrough 25.16sec, 1996).

Anika Bagrie: Yr 7-8 girls’ 33m breaststroke, 28.48sec (S Glynn 30.06sec, 2005); yr 7-8 girls’ 33m butterfly, 24.04sec (C Burrough 24.9sec, 1996); yr 7-8 girls 33m freestyle, 20.76sec (S Hall 21.27sec, 2017); yr 7-8 girls’ medley, 1min 29.81sec (Sophie Hall 1min 33.79sec, 2017).

Yr 7-8 girls’ 33m backstroke, Amelia Holland 26.86sec (Sophie Hall 27.07sec, 2017).

Opihi College 2018 swimming champions:

Yr 7-8 boys’ champion, Jamie Hall; runner-up, Logan Larsen. Yr 7-8 girls’ champion, Anika Bagrie; runner-up, Amelia Holland. Yr 9-10 boys’ champion, Kyal Dickson; runner-up, Luke Smith. Yr 9-10 girls’ champion, Sophie Hall; runner-up, Hailey Larsen. Yr 11-12-13 boys’ champion, Shae Twaddle-Best; runner-up, Sam McCone. Yr 11-12-13 girls’ champion, Kayla Bagrie; runner-up, Stevie Louden.url cloneadidas Yeezy Boost 350