One step closer to sealing Thompson Rd


by Claire Allison

Residents’ requests to have Temuka’s Thompson Rd sealed are a step closer to being met.

The Temuka Community Board last week agreed to recommend to the Timaru District Council’s infrastructure committee that $170,000 (excluding GST) be approved and funded from the budget to carry out the work.

The infrastructure committee will meet on July 30.

Land transport manager Andrew Dixon reported to the board that there had been an increase in housing development in recent years along Thompson Rd, between Factory Rd and McNair Rd, close to the urban boundary of Temuka.

Residents had written to the council asking it to consider a seal extension.

They said the road had always caused concern, with continual corrugation and damage to the Thompson Rd-Grange Settlement Rd intersection, and in recent years, grading of the road offered minimal to no improvement. Any improvement lasted only a couple of days.

The narrow shingle, dusty road had no footpaths or lighting, was difficult for children to bike on, and smaller cars were being subjected to damage from driving over large holes.

Mr Dixon said new development on the road meant there had been growth in traffic volume and people, particularly children, walking or cycling. The unsealed road surface deteriorated quickly, particularly at the intersection with Grange Settlement Rd.

“The increase in traffic has also increased the dust nuisance for properties fronting the unsealed road. The most effective mitigation of this is sealing the road.”

Mr Dixon said the full seal extension of the road would not be eligible for Government financial assistance. However, the sealing of the intersections was Running shoes brandAir Jordan