Lions pay tribute to long-time contributor


The Temuka Lions Club has paid tribute to long-standing member, the club’s first vice-president, Colin (CJ) Jackson.

Mr Jackson became a member of Lions Clubs International in 1974 and was a charter (or foundation) member of the Temuka Lions Club when it formed in 1976, until his death last month.

Past international director Ron Luxton said Mr Jackson immediately started on making what proved to be an outstanding contribution to the Temuka Lions Club, to Lions Clubs International and to his community.

He became the club’s second president just 18 months after the club formed. Mr Jackson was involved in many of the early community service projects of the Temuka Lions Club, including the building of the very first skate board bowl, the construction of the early model Maori pa, and the construction of the candyfloss caravan, which was used as a major fundraiser for many years.

Other projects included the development of the walkway beside the stream in the middle of Temuka, including the building of a number of bridges, the development of the fitness course alongside, the development of Torepe Fields and the installation of seats around the town.

Mr Luxton said Mr Jackson was the local cop, the small town policeman everyone respected and confided in.

“And that was exactly what suited him. He loved being the local “bobby” and enjoyed his police service immensely.”

Mr Luxton said Mr Jackson’s opinions were always carefully listened to at club meetings, and he had a calm and thoughtful approach to any issue.

“Forty-five years of service is a long time and there were plenty of opportunities for Colin to say ‘this is it. I have made my contribution and now it is time for me’. But Colin was not made like that. His commitment and contribution continued right until the end.”Sport mediaAir Jordan Shoes