Fine form . . . Geraldine Grade B1 faces Pleasant Point Stags in Geraldine on Saturday. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

Geraldine’s grade B1 cricket team is on a winning streak.

The team, made up of Year 7-8 children, secured a win on Saturday, its third consecutive victory since the season started.

Its success rate is pleasing for the both team and coach Mark Oliver.

“This is the third win in a row, so we are going pretty well,” he said, following the team’s win against the Pleasant Point Stags last weekend.

Pleasant Point batted first and was all out for 99.

Geraldine chased that score on home ground with some strong batting, particularly from Lincoln Davidson, who made 31.

Lincoln’s efforts were “pretty much the game-changer”, Oliver said.

Matt O’Connor added 12 to the score.

Geraldine won the game, finishing 102 for six wickets, with three overs to spare.

Oliver said it was a good game, with particularly good performances by Pleasant Point’s Sam Power, who made 21, and Cody Wilkins with 20.

Pleasant Point Stags coach Simon Ussher said the team had lost only two games this season.

The season has changed for the JAB cricket grade this year and, for eligibility purposes, the season now officially runs from one summer to the next, instead of spring to autumn.

That concept has been a welcome change.

“The team stays the same for the whole season,” Oliver said.

“The way it used to be, B-grade was Year 6,7 and 8. When they get to Year 8 in the second half of the season they wouldn’t have been eligible to play.

“[The new concept] seems really good because there’s less disruption for the kids.

“And now it means the teams will be more consistent for the whole season and they get more time to be in the team.”Buy SneakersYEEZY Release Dates 2021 – Upcoming & New Drops