by Alexia Johnston

Max Paterson’s passion for film is one he is keen to develop.
Max (17), a Geraldine film-maker, has launched a project to capture people’s recent triumphs, passions or missions.
All he needs is people to share those stories with him.
“If you have something worth sharing, or know of someone you think I should contact, I’d love to hear it,” he said.
“I’m looking for people who have interesting stories to tell.”
Stories of accomplishment, kindness, acceptance and courage was what he was after, he said.
“I think often people don’t realise there’s so many amazing things happening around us that we don’t often see, so it’s good to spread the word a little bit.”
Max is no stranger to film-making. Among his previous projects is a series on youth talent within the Geraldine area, with an interview and relevant footage for each participant.
His latest project would follow a similar format, he said.
Max also created a video titled Geraldine with Jordan Luck, featuring the former Geraldine singer-songwriter.
“It was promoting local businesses within Geraldine through the organisation Totally Locally Geraldine.”
Max filmed Luck visiting businesses, and compiled a montage with the singer’s song Geraldine
“It was great fun. He’s got such a great big personality,” Max said. “We picked up that [Jordan Luck] would often come up with things on the spot. Things that he came up with on the spot were the best by far.”
Max is also studying towards a digital film degree through the Southern Institute of Technology, which he started this year.
He said while you could learn the basics via a course, experience was invaluable.
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