College has full calendar


by Greta Yeoman

Art auctions, exchange student trips and trips to fashion events are all part of this term’s calendar at Mackenzie College.

Principal Jason Reid said the year had been busy for the year 7-13 high school in Fairlie.

One of the first events for term 3 was held last week – a three-day intensive course covering a variety of subjects, Mr Reid said.

It included fashion, snowboarding, mountain bike treks, computer coding and freshwater fishing, and had even previously included a class on fossil-hunting, he said.

The three-day course is offered twice a year.

He said one of the rare things about the three-day classes was that pupils from years 7 to 13 were taught in the same classes.

This meant both younger pupils were helping older ones and vice versa, Mr Reid said.

“It brings all the kids together – it’s a great leveller.”

The school was also hosting a group of Japanese exchange pupils for three weeks, which would would be a new experience for the Mackenzie pupils.

“[It will] pop the rural isolated bubble,” Mr Reid said of the trip.

The group, which arrived on Saturday last week, would be taking part in classes and English lessons, as well as sight-seeing around the Mackenzie.

The college was also preparing for the annual school art auction on Thursday, August 9.

The Parent Teacher Association-organised event would include artworks from pupils, Mackenzie district artists and even one from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The funds raised would be used for a variety of different art forms in the classroom, including sculpting, and would mean activity costs would not have to be passed on to parents, Mr Reid said.

A contingent of 10 fashion-focused pupils was also preparing to fly to Auckland at the end of the month for Auckland Fashion Week.

They would see several fashion shows, visit different parts of the country’s fashion industry and get a few of their designs produced, Mr Reid said.

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