Children’s library given fresh look and upgrade


A new look is being embraced at Temuka’s Children’s Library.

The area has recently been enhanced and modified, giving it a new look and making it more functional.

Temuka Library and Service Centre team leader Adele Hewlett said the library was not just about borrowing or housing books.

“Temuka Library is local, it is a community hub. It attracts all ages and all sections of the community,” she said.

It was hoped the latest modification would help enhance it even more, while encouraging more people to visit the already popular facility.

The library provided internet access, space for reading newspapers, public tables and a meeting room (for hire).

The library hosted weekly activities, including a “knit and natter” group, adult colouring-in club, pre-school story time and craft, after-school craft group and Lego club.

It also has a monthly book club.

A new cafe-reading area at the library was also proving very popular, she said.

As well as all that, the library was a hub for various other facilities needed within the community, including an Information Centre and Council Service Centre where rates could be paid and dogs registered.

Consent forms were also available from the centre which could even deal with cemetery inquiries as shoesAIR MAX PLUS