Blankets go to good cause

Warm gesture... Colourful blankets knitted by residents and staff at Wallingford Home were presented to Liz Nolan (right), of Family Works, last week. Among those who took part in the knitting project were (from left) Betty Cameron, Margaret Turley, Daphne Gudsell, Sandy McLachlan (diversional therapist) and Dorothy Roy. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

by Alexia Johnston

Some dedicated knitters in Temuka are doing good deeds in their community, one stitch at a time.
Wallingford Home residents and staff have given two blankets to Family Works, which were completed by hand using donated wool.
The rest-home’s diversional therapist, Sandy McLachlan, said large quantities of woollen yarn had been given to the rest-home, so a knitting group was formed among the residents to ensure it was put to good use.
Instead of knitting the ever-popular peggy squares, they knitted strips of sections, creating enough to complete two blankets.
The group met each Tuesday morning to see how everyone was going with their knitting and to determine if more wool was needed.
At night residents would knit “furiously”, Mrs McLachlan said.
However, their work did not stop there.
The knitters also took Mrs McLachlan under their wing.
“I am not a knitter .. [but] the residents taught me how to knit and they would fix up my mistakes. They taught me and it was great,” she said.
They decided to keep the blankets in the community and so gave their finished products to Family Works members during a presentation at Wallingford Home last week.
Avid knitter Daphne Gudsell was among those who dedicated her spare time to the project.
“It was lovely doing it and it was so simple to do,” she said.
A volunteer helped crochet the strips of knitting to form the blankets – one of which was for a single bed and the other for a double or queen-sized bed.
Liz Nolan and Katerina Tiscenko, both of Family Works, welcomed the gesture.
“These will go to families in need,” Mrs Nolan said.
“It’s a real gift of love because you all spent so much time putting it together.”
Wallingford Home’s dedicated knitters have already started their next project, knitting singlets for babies, which will also be given to Family Works once completed.trace affiliate linkMen’s shoes