Trampolining NZ winner bound for Denmark


by Claire Allison

Timaru teenager Quinn Procter is off to Denmark in August to compete in a European freestyle trampolining event.

The 15-year-old Mountainview High School pupil won first place at New Zealand’s first competitive freestyle trampoline competition in Auckland over the weekend, winning a spot in Europe’s GT Games.

He will be one of only five New Zealand freestyle trampolinists to compete in the European event, and his prize includes $US850 towards flights, plus accommodation, meals and transfers.

The Auckland competition was organised by Greg Roe, a former top-level US gymnast who now does freestyle trampolining, or G-tramp – garden tramp.

Entrants were put into groups to compete, and Quinn was in a group of three.

“You had to do a trick, and the other two had to copy. If you didn’t get it, you got a letter, spelling out tramp, and once you got all five letters, you were out of the competition.”

Quinn and eventual second place-getter AJ Ross, from Auckland, went head-to-head for 35 minutes before Quinn came out the eventual winner.

“We got to the point where we couldn’t decide on any more tricks to do, so Greg set them. And it then got to the point where the other guy couldn’t do it and he got his last letter, so I won.”

Like most Kiwi children, Quinn started off with a round trampoline in the backyard when he was about 6. He started taking it more seriously about two years ago, and recently got a bigger, rectangular trampoline that is better for doing freestyle tricks.latest RunningBoots