Crash course . . . Team Te-Moo-Cow bottoms out over a jump during the TiMOru Soapbox Derby, watched on by spectators lining George St. PHOTO: MINTY FRESH

Plans are moving into overdrive to make the TiMOru Soapbox Derby an annual event.

The go-kart race, designed to promote the Movember campaign for men’s health, was brought to the streets of Timaru on Sunday, attracting a large number of spectators and competitors.

The youngest raced first, before a series of jumps were put in place to challenge the young at heart.

There were 46 karts in total.

Organisers Richard Brown and Felicity Bruce were keen to make the soapbox derby an annual event.

“That’s the plan,” Mr Brown said.

He said they would have a debrief in the next couple of weeks to determine what went well and what could be improved.

“Everyone wants us to do it again next year – bigger and better.”

Children crafted their karts from kitsets, while adults had to design their own.

Keeping their creations intact was the key, and crossing the finish line was a bonus.

“The junior [racing] was fine. We didn’t break a single junior kart,” Mr Brown said.

“With the adults we pulled out the jumps and made it a bit more crowd-pleasing.”

As a result, the senior section was “more about if your kart could survive the day”, he said.

One dramatically damaged kart was seen to mount a jump, bottom out and its driver left looking more like a Flintstone character than Scott Dixon.

Jono Nelson, who built a kart with Mark Churchward, had more luck.

Although they did not get a placing, their metal-framed creation stood the test of two races.

“It was a fun day,” Mr Nelson said.

“We’re going to make a plan for next year on how we can better ourselves,” he said.

Event organisers thanked everyone who supported the event, from individuals to local businesses, competitors to sponsors.

“We had support from everyone,” Mr Brown said.

Mrs Bruce also acknowledged the competitors.

“They really took on the Movember message.”

It was not yet known how much money was raised from the event, but it was hoped to reach $4000.Authentic SneakersNike