by Alexia Johnston

Sri Lankan cricketer Dinesh de Silva is back at the crease this season, marking his first year playing for Temuka.

De Silva, an international bowling all-rounder, has played 49 first-class games in Sri Lanka and has also spent 11 years playing professional cricket in the United Kingdom.

Now de Silva has settled in New Zealand with wife Marie, due to work opportunities, and has continued with his love of the sport, taking coaching and playing roles within the Temuka Cricket Club.

“It’s like my life. I am here because of cricket.” – Dinesh de Silva

He has also secured himself a place in the South Canterbury senior representative team, which celebrated a win against Mid Canterbury last weekend.

His club also beat Pleasant Point, marking a strong start to the season.

This year is de Silva’s second season playing in South Canterbury after moving to the district from Auckland.

The move had been a good one, he said.

“It’s a quiet place.”

De Silva has settled in Timaru, but took up his role with the Temuka Cricket Club after securing a role coaching the club’s junior players.

“They are good. There’s a few good players there,” he said, of the young ones wanting to build on their cricket abilities.

Add to that a role coaching South Canterbury junior rep cricket.

It would be fair to say de Silva loves the sport.

“It’s like my life. I am here because of cricket.”Sports brandsシューズ