Motorboat event returns to lake


Don Weir is the brain behind a motorboat event on Lake Aviemore and Lake Benmore later this month.
Mr Weir, of Timaru, worked with the New Zealand Boat Marathon Commission last year to get the first annual Twin Lakes event at Lake Aviemore and Lake Benmore on Queen’s Birthday Weekend 2016.
Mr Weir said the first event had been successful. About 30 boats from various grades took part across two days, and the event was added to the commission’s South Island winter series.
This year’s event will be held on Saturday, June 17, and Sunday, June 18, and will be co-ordinated through the North Otago Yacht and Power Boat Club.
The Saturday event will be launched from Sailors Cutting, at Lake Benmore, and the Sunday action will take place near Parsons Rock, Lake Aviemore.
Mr Weir said he suggested Twin Lakes be added to the series because several North Island boats came and he was keen for those involved to experience the beauty of Lakes Benmore and Aviemore.
“After last year’s event, more people have come out of the woodwork. If anyone wants to join in, they can enter online.
“I love the adrenaline of it and it’s a way of using your boat during the winter.”
Mr Weir has been involved with other motorboat events, including the Roaring Forty Boat Race, which has previously been run from Timaru.
The Twin Lakes event will consist of two main sections, a nominated speed time trial and a speed race.
The nominated speed event requires competitors to nominate a speed before the start of the race, which they must try to stick to as closely as possible over a number of laps in a total race distance of about 50km.
The course is measured by officials using GPS equipment and a lap time calculation is performed based on the speed nominated by each competitor.
Points are then given based on the lap time of each boat. The greater the deviation from the nominated speed (either higher or lower), the more points given. After the race, the competitor with the least points is the winner.
Mr Weir said the boats were split into several classes, depending on engine size and hull configuration.
The series includes events at Lake Te Anau, Lake Dunstan, Oamaru Harbour, Lake Waihola and Invercargill.
Anyone keen to get involved can go to KicksSneakers