Kick boxers to train in Thailand


Timaru Thai boxers have headed to Thailand for 12 days of intensive training before a tournament in Christchurch.
Kicksports Timaru was established in 2014 and has about 70 members after starting with one boxing bag and a concrete floor.
Owner and co-founder Scott Tweedie said the club had an “old school” ethos.
He said he was accompanying six gym members on the trip to Thailand, where they would have intensive training.
They would be based at the Sitmonchai Muay Thai Gym, 95km from Bangkok in the Kanchanaburi province.
“They will be training about six hours a day, starting with a 10km run in the morning,” Mr Tweedie said.
“When we return, we have a tournament in Christchurch.
“If you are going to be the best at something, you need to train with the best in the world and some of the best fighters in the world have trained at Sitmonchai.”
Mr Tweedie established the club with Wayne Knight and Sean Dellabarca.
“It really wasn’t intended to be a gym. I had been helping out a mate by training one of his staff members at the gym, and a few others started tagging along.
“Sean suggested that maybe we should start something. I was against it at first but soon changed my mind, as I could see it would be great,” he said.
“And also I had discovered that training people was actually really rewarding, and I kind of liked the idea of getting involved in the community.”
Mr Tweedie said all financial contributions went back into running the club.
“It’s great knowing that everybody has contributed in part to where the gym is at now.
“We don’t really have a mission statement. We are old school; we believe in positivity and training as if we are family.
“We have no place for egos or bad attitudes and believe that training hard gets results.”Best Authentic SneakersUpdated Air Jordan Sneaker Releases for 2021