Hockey success . . . Hockey South Canterbury has had a successful season, to which (from left) player/umpire Tim Sheed, players/umpires Roseanna Porter, Alice Ritchie and Jenna-Rae McIntyre, and coach/umpire Ben Grant can attest. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

As it celebrates one of the most successful seasons in recent years, Hockey South Canterbury reports on some of the highlights.

Hockey South Canterbury is celebrating one of its most successful seasons.

continue to grow rapidly, with competitions played during the week at Aorangi Park, the home of Hockey South Canterbury. There has also been significant growth in the secondary school game.

Senior hockey remains steady, with division one hockey for men and women being played on a Saturday in the combined Mid Canterbury/South Canterbury/North Otago competition administered by Hockey South Canterbury, and division two hockey for men and women played on a Sunday, with the inclusion of the North Otago men’s and women’s team.

Along with the local competitions, Hockey South Canterbury is also earning a reputation for running successful regional, secondary school and national tournaments.

The South Island mini tournament has grown to two weekends, with turfs being used from early morning to late at night to accommodate all games.

Over the past five years, Hockey South Canterbury has hosted numerous national and secondary schools tournaments, including under-15 girls’ premier, under-18 girls, Hatch Cup boys and recently the under-15 girls’ tournament, along with the Johnson Cup and Audrey Timlin secondary school tournaments.

Hockey South Canterbury administrator and facility manager Amanda Everett has been the driving force behind the success of the national tournaments Hockey South Canterbury has been allocated. She has recently been selected to attend the World Hockey League in Auckland where she will take a role in the media room.


Representative teams have had a stellar year, with the under-18 boys (fourth) and girls (14th) teams competing in national association tournaments.

The under-15 boys’ and girls’ teams both competed in the national tournaments, with both teams winning their bronze-medal matches against Auckland.

For the second year running the South Canterbury men’s team has attended the senior men’s national tournament, finishing fourth both times. South Canterbury had not had a senior men’s team for some years.

The Hatch and Collier development primary representative teams both competed in the Festival of Hockey South Island tournament, with the boys finishing third equal and the girls fourth. The Hatch Cup boys’ team came fifth in the national tournament in Auckland, beating Auckland and Canterbury along the way, and the Collier Trophy girls attended the national tournament in Tauranga, finishing seventh equal.


Hockey South Canterbury has also had huge success with local umpires all performing admirably on the local, regional, national and international stages.

Alice Ritchie officiated the final of the Festival of Hockey girls’ tournament in Christchurch, Jenna-Rae McIntyre was appointed to the bronze-medal match at the national Collier Trophy Tournament and was third umpire for the final.

Roseanna Porter, Tim Sheed and William Sharp umpired at the national under-15 tournament, with Roseanna appointed the third umpire for the final, and Tim and William appointed umpires of the final between Canterbury and Wellington.

Ben Grant has recently returned from the Oceania Cup in Sydney where he was appointed to the final between New Zealand and Australia.

Kaitlyn Young has just completed her second national tournament for umpire management, most recently was appointed by Hockey New Zealand as the umpire manager at the national under-15 girls’ tournament hosted in Timaru.

This season, Tim Sheed has attended the national under-18 men’s tournament and senior national men’s tournament as a player, and also umpired at the national under-15 girls’ tournament.

Jenna-Rae McIntyre and Roseanna Porter attended the national under-18 tournament as players and also umpired at the under-15 national and national Collier Trophy tournaments respectively.

Alice Ritchie was the co-captain of the bronze medal-winning under-15 girls team and also attended the Festival of Hockey Tournament as an umpire.

William Sharp has attended the under-18 national men’s tournament as a player, umpired at the national under-15 girls’ tournament and more recently was co-coach of the Collier Trophy girls’ team which attended the national Collier Trophy Tournament.

Ben Grant has also had a busy year coaching both the under-18 men and senior men’s team at their national tournaments along with umpiring on the international stage.

The support Hockey South Canterbury and players receive from Trust Aoraki and other sponsors enables the association to grow the sport locally and nationally.Buy SneakersΑνδρικά Nike