Aoraki secondary schools’ cross-country championships


Secondary school runners enjoyed sunny weather for the Aoraki schools’ cross-country championships at Ashbury Park, Timaru, on Thursday last week. Athletes from Methven to Oamaru took part over a course which will be used for the New Zealand secondary schools’ championships next month. Timaru Courier reporter Chris Tobin went along and took some photos.

Results of the Aoraki secondary schools’ cross-country:


Girls: Niamh Motley (Craighead) 1, Fraya MacDionald (Timaru Girls) 2, Lola Bryson-Boe (Mt Hutt) 3. Teams: Craighead 1, Mt Hutt 2, Geraldine 3.

Boys: Baxter Mason (Timaru Booys) 1, Jack Joyce (Opihi) 2, Jack Cotter (Roncalli) 3. Teams: Roncalli 1, Timaru Boys 2, Mt Hutt 3.


Girls: Hannah Prosser (Timaru Girls) 1, Charli Nevin (Roncalli) 2, Ella Pearson (Ashburton College) 3. Teams: Roncalli 1, Craighead 2, Geraldine 3.

Boys: Jack McKenzie (Mt Hutt) 1, Toby Taylor (Roncalli) 2, Hamish Coutts (St Kevins) 3. Teams: Timaru Boys 1, Waitaki Boys 2, Mt Hutt 3.


Girls: Illie Hollyer (Timaru Girls) 1, Amanda Shallard (Craighead) 2, Heorgia Prosser (Timaru Girls) 3. Teams: Waitaki Girls 1, St Kevins 2, Geraldine 3.

Boys: Max Yanziek (St Kevins) 1, Toby Woolf (Ashburton College) 2, Ted Yee (Ashburton College) 3. Teams: Timaru Boys 1, Ashburton College 2, Geraldine Running shoesGOLF NIKE SHOES