Great work . . . Seven-year-old Carter Brown tells nurse Jenny Hardie how he went about raising an amazing amount of cash for Hospice South Canterbury. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Hospice South Canterbury has always been well supported by the community, but last week, general manager Peter O’Neill received a particularly special donation.

“Now here’s a heart-warming story for you.

Hospice South Canterbury sees a lot of generosity.

People support us with their time as volunteers, with cash, donations for our shops, food for the kitchen, toilet paper and tissues. In lieu of wedding gifts, one couple asked guests to bring a donation for hospice; a farmer passes on the cheque from his annual velvet cut. All sorts of things.

But on Tuesday we experienced something quite different. Into our in-patient unit in Broadway Ave walks 7-year-old Carter Brown with mum Andrea. Carter is struggling with a plastic container chocker with money.

“What have you got there Carter?”

“Some money for hospice.”

“How much is it. It looks a lot?”

In his child’s voice: “Five-hundred-and-eighty-two dollars and 20 cents.”

“Wow. How did you raise so much?”

“I watered plants, cleaned cars, chopped kindling, did some gardening, oh, and I helped make a worm farm.”

All this and more off his own bat.

Andrea said Carter became interested in raising the money after his school, Grantlea Downs, participated in hospice’s jeans only day fundraiser.

So he toiled away. And toiled away. And then delivered not just an amazing amount of cash, but a fantastic story, too. At hospice we’re just so humbled by what this young man has done.

“What are you going to do now, Carter?”

“I’m going to relax.”

“Brilliant, Carter. You do that.”

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