Winner . . . Envirowaste Services will have the waste contract for all three district councils in South Canterbury. PHOTO: CHRIS TOBIN

by Chris Tobin

Timaru district’s contractor for waste services is disappointed to be losing the contract and missing out on lucrative waste minimisation and management contracts worth $112million for the next 15 years.

The Timaru District Council announced last week EnviroWaste Services Ltd had been awarded contracts to provide waste services to residents and businesses – not just in Timaru district but throughout South Canterbury, in Waimate and Mackenzie.

Existing contractor Waste Management NZ has its premises next to the Redruth Resource Recovery Park and has held the kerbside collection and waste management contract in Timaru district for nearly 13 years.

A total of 40 staff were employed.

Missed out . . . Waste Management NZ says it has provided considerable savings for the Timaru District Council over the years. PHOTO: CHRIS TOBIN

Waste Management NZ general manager South Island Gareth James said the company was naturally disappointed at the decision.

“We have been proud to provide quality services for the community across all aspects of the contract, including providing considerable savings to the council over the years through improvements to systems and landfill innovation,” Mr James said.

The company would be reassessing Timaru staff numbers up to July 1 next year when the new contracts became operational, he said.

Timaru District Council waste minimisation manager Ruth Clarke said the new contracts
would provide a ‘‘significantly higher level of service, in conjunction with reduced risks
and long-term costs to all three councils”.

The aim of the new contracts was to reduce the environmental impacts and cost of waste going to landfill.

‘‘EnviroWaste scored top on the non-price attributes, which covered the skills, experience,
resources and methodology offered by proposers to successfully deliver the service specifications,’’ the Timaru council said in its media release.

‘‘The company also had the lowest overall proposal price.’’

Mr James declined to comment on these statements.

Ms Clarke said as a result of the new contracts there would be ‘‘extensive education
programmes, new technology and customer service apps, the Redruth site would be
developed with new organic processing facilities, enhanced sustainability practices,
including a completion of the new Sustainability South Canterbury Trust facility and
solar panels on the Materials Recovery Facility’’.

All three councils would use the Redruth Resource Recovery Park for recycling and organics

The other contractor to miss out was Metallic Sweeping which handled Waimate
district’s waste management.

At present EnviroWaste Services Ltd has the waste contract for the Mackenzie district and a small operation in Timaru servicing businesses’ refuse and recycling from premises at Washdyke.

Company spokesman Glen Jones said it would bolster staff in Timaru, maintain staff in
Mackenzie and appoint new staff in Waimate.

The company was investing in building a new compost facility at Redruth but would not
disclose how much it was spending.

The $112million contracts covered the kerbside collection of three bins plus a glass bin-
crate, landfill, compost facility, material recoveries facility, transfer stations and grounds

The new contract will begin on July 1 next year for Timaru and Waimate districts and October 1, 2021, for the Mackenzie District Council.Sports ShoesNike