Water the only way to go as playcentre adopts challenge



LITTLE ones at Gleniti Playcentre are bringing water bottles with them these days as the centre takes part in a national programme to get people off sugary drinks.

The Switch to Water challenge asks people to switch from sugary drinks to water for 30 days and the challenge already fits with everyday practice at the playcentre, Gleniti Playcentre facilitator Liz Johnston said.

“We encourage the drinking of water with meals and we are water and milk only at Playcentre.”

The challenge also provided adults the chance to be good role models by choosing to drink water at Playcentre, she said.

Gleniti Playcentre parent Kate McGregor said the message about the benefits of drinking water was not as clear when she was a child, but having water on hand and taking water bottles along when they were out and about was normal now.

The Switch to Water challenge promotes the benefits of water, such as caring for teeth, being the best way to hydrate, the fact that it is non-acidic and is freely available on tap.

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