Gathering evidence... Sergeant Ian Howard (left)and Senior Constable Brent Rissman measure skid marks in Timaru's Scenic Reserve PHOTOS: AL WILLIAMS

by Al Williams

Timaru police got two for one when two people were charged after a series of burnouts in the Scenic Reserve last week.
Sergeant Ian Howard,of Timaru, said police charged a teenager over loss of traction. A male passenger in the vehicle was also charged with committing the same offence at the same spot two weeks earlier, after he was named through an identification and vehicle registration check.
Police were called to the reserve about 12.40pm after a vehicle had come to a stop following the extended application of its handbrake and accelerator, caused the rear tyres to burst.
Sgt Howard said a 17-year-old Timaru youth had been “showing off to a carload of his peers”.
There were three passengers in the vehicle aged 17 and 18. A passenger in the rear seat was wanted for a similar incident in same area two weeks prior, after police matched the registration to his name, Sgt Howard said.
Both teenagers were charged. The passenger’s vehicle had been impounded two weeks previously for similar offending in Oamaru, Sgt Howard said.
The road had recently been resurfaced, which appeared to attract irresponsible driver behaviour, he said.
Sgt Howard and Senior Constable Brent Rissman, of Timaru, marks created by the vehicle at 64m.
Sgt Howard said the vehicle had skidded for that distance two times at the same spot on Wednesday afternoon, the second time caused the tyres to burst.
Timaru District Council land transport manager Andrew Dixon spent resurfacing the road.
“Antisocial driving is a cost to the whole community as it significantly shortens the life of roads in areas where it is committed, leading to far higher maintenance costs for Timaru ratepayers,” Mr Dixon said.
“We support police actions in trying to combat the issues and make the drivers contribute to cover the cost of some of the damage they have caused, but this still doesn’t come close to meeting the full cost of this behaviour.”Best Nike Sneakersシューズ