by Alexia Johnston

Jan Brown is adding a new dimension to the age-old game of chess.

Mrs Brown, of Timaru, has had a 3-D chess board created based on a similar design she saw while watching Star Trek

“I wanted it ever since I saw it on Star Trek,” she said.

Mrs Brown, who regards herself as an “original Trekkie”, found a picture of it on the internet and called on a range of people to create the board, which is made of a clear and frosted type of plastic.

A curved frame was also engineered using stainless steel so that the board could sit at a range of levels.

To complete the project, a glass chess set was found at a second-hand shop in Temuka.

“The trick is to imagine it all flat, then you can see how the pieces move and where they go.”

Although Mrs Brown was pleased with the finished product, she was not going to keep the work of art. Instead, she plans to send it to her daughter’s bookshop – The Scribe – in Tasmania, where it will act as a centrepiece.

Transporting it would not be a problem because it could be dismantled, she said.

Until then, it stands proudly on her dining table, where she often puts it to the test.

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