’Tis the season and Santa is here, there and everywhere


by Molly Houseman

It may be a week late, but the Weavers were not about to miss a year of opening their fairy light-draped and Santa Claus-filled home to the public.

Each year for the past 18 years, Betty and George have dusted off their hundreds of Christmas decorations and restored them to their rightful places.

That is, in every corner of their Seddon St home in Temuka.

From now until Christmas Eve, people can wander through their festive home for a gold coin donation.

The money raised will be split between the Life Education Trust and the Cancer Society.

Mrs Weavers said there was a slight delay to the usual December 1 opening, but after help from their neighbours and weeks of decorating, countless Santa Claus statues, both big and small, now adorn every surface in their home.

A collection of festive teddy bears fills their book shelf and even the shower is not off limits as a place to put a Christmas tree.

When visitors asked how many Santas they had in their home, Mrs Weavers would simply tell them to start counting themselves.

But quantity had not meant sacrificing quality.

A huge Santa that stands in their kitchen cost about $1000 alone, and others reached the $300 to $400 mark.

While she was unsure how much they had spent in total, Mrs Weavers joked that they could have “lived in a mansion and drove a flash car” if they had not bought all of the Christmas decorations they had.

But their love of Christmas and the joy it brought was more important.

The Weavers’ home will be open to the public from 3pm to about 10pm each day.Sport mediaBoots