Timaru lawyer for advisory group


by Chris Tobin

Timaru lawyer Quentin Hix has been appointed to the expert advisory group established by the Government to focus on criminal justice reforms.

Mr Hix and the other latest appointment to the group, Shila Nair, of Auckland, attended the Criminal Justice Summit in Wellington on Tuesday, where they took part in discussions.

Justice Minister Andrew Little said the appointment of Mr Hix and Ms Nair was to ensure diversity on the advisory group.

“I’ve added more diversity to the Safe and Effective Justice Programme Advisory Group (Te Uepu Hapai i te Ora), to work alongside justice sector agencies on a prudent and realistic scope for effective criminal justice reform.

“Shila Nair and Quentin Hix add value by bring Indian and Maori expertise and experiences as the newest members.

“It’s critical we get this right and have a good mix of experienced experts who also bring valuable cultural context.”

Mr Hix has 25 years’ experience as a lawyer and is a director of Ngai Tahu Holdings. After broad experience in a range of legal areas, he has now been focusing on criminal law.

Ms Nair is a counsellor for non-for-profit group Shakti, in Auckland, where she has worked for more than 16 years dealing with family violence.latest jordansNIKE HOMME