Tenancy Link aims to build communication


by Al Williams

An initiative will be launched next week in an attempt to build connections between tenants and landlords.
Anglican Care South Canterbury’s Tenancy Link will try to build better connections while connecting both parties to other agencies who can offer advice and services.
Anglican Care South Canterbury social justice advocate Ruth Swale is on board with the South Canterbury Property Investors’ Association for a public forum on October 20 from 7pm at the Caroline Bay Community Lounge.
“This initiative is only just starting out, and will continue to unfold over the next few months or so,” Ms Swale said.
“The form that it ultimately takes will be determined after further input from both landlords and tenants as to what will best meet their needs.”
Next week’s meeting would focus on feedback and discussion on the best ways to implement the initiative.
“Tenancy Link is a natural extension of Anglican Care’s existing advocacy group. One of our advocates will support either a tenant or a landlord to have their point of view heard where any misunderstanding or resistance is occurring.”
“It will be a win-win situation for both landlords and tenants, as self-resolution of their problems is always preferable to adversarial action,” Ms Swale said.
“The key to making this initiative work lies in encouraging tenants to see situations from their landlord’s point of view and for landlords to understand what is really important to their tenants.”
South Canterbury Property Investors’ Association president Kerry Beveridge said he thought landlords and tenants wanted the same thing, and the forum was an opportunity to open the lines of communication between them.
“I feel like a lot of the time that things that appear to be an issue are not an issue. It’s not just about tenants and landlords; we are just trying to work on communication.”Sportswear DesignAir Jordan 1 Retro High OG Wmns “Panda” CD0461-007 Women/Men Super Deals, Price: $98.03 – Air Jordan Shoes