Temuka ware sent to Dubai

International chef places $100,000 order for opera house


by Rachael Comer

A Temuka company which almost disappeared two and a-half years ago has expanded to the Middle East market.
Temuka Pottery New Zealand exported its first $100,000 order to Dubai last week.
The company shipped the 6500 pieces of dining ware to a 200-seat opera house recently built in the United Arab Emirates city – a turnaround for a business Temuka pair Charles and Amanda Scarsbrook bought into two and a-half years ago.
Mr Scarsbrook said, he and his wife, were asked by Palmerston North-based owners Paul and Jenny Pepworth to come on board, to save the business.
“If we’d said ‘no’ Temuka Pottery would have been gone,” Mr Scarsbrook said.
“It’s a fantastic brand and has been so well known. Even though the production aspects are no longer here, it’s a great brand for our town.
“After 92 years it’s still going.”
The Dubai order is the first international delivery since the Scarsbrooks came on board.
Mr Scarsbrook said the Dubai order was just one of several big scale jobs the company had been asked to complete.
The dining ware was designed by Temuka Pottery New Zealand and produced in its factory based in Palmerston North.

United dining . . . A selection of the serving ware designed and made by Temuka Pottery New Zealand, which has been exported to Dubai. PHOTO: RACHAEL COMER

“The Dubai order is made up of a dozen shapes with a crackle effect,” he said.
The company has recently just undertaken a job for timeshare apartments in the Fiji Islands.
Setting of 12, 18 or 20 pieces have been bought by 65 timeshare customers.
“It’s very exciting,” Mr Scarsbrook said.
“We’ve also done a deal with Southern Hospitality as of April 1, that we supply them with dining ware.”
In the past year, the company has also worked with at least 20 restaurants and cafes throughout New Zealand, Mr Scarsbrook said.
“Eighty percent of our work is in the North Island.”
The Dubai job came about through the chef commissioned to do the job, international chef Sean Connolly, who spoke to the company’s agent in Auckland.
Mr Scarsbrook said demand was increasing for the company’s products.
“We almost can’t keep up with the production.”url cloneDámske snehule – pripravte sa do snehu