Nearly there . . . St John project manager Gordon Handy stands in front of the new St John headquarters which will be up and running next year. PHOTO: MOLLY HOUSEMAN

By Molly Houseman

Timaru people will be able to get a first-hand look at the town’s new St John headquarters early next year.

With construction on track, the organisation is planning to hold a public open day on February 27, from 10am to 4pm.

St John project liaison Gordon Handy said the construction of the building in Wai-Iti Rd was a good story for Timaru.

“This is Timaru money – Timaru built.”

Building was “well and truly” on track to be finished by the February 19 deadline, and perhaps even earlier.

He was confident the team would be able to lock it up before Christmas as a complete project.

Mr Handy said a highlight of the construction was seeing a huge roller door which opened 1.5m per second be installed in the ambulance bay – that could fit about eight vehicles – this week.

The headquarters would also include an operational wing with a day lounge; bedrooms and kitchen for staff; a quiet room for staff to use, if needed, after a difficult job; training rooms; a control room; and administration offices.

Now all that was left to do was some joinery, the floor coverings and getting power to the building.

Mr Handy said he was pleased with the progress, as Thompson Construction only started the build in mid-May this year.

“The most exciting thing was how everyone worked so well together.

“In under 12 months, we have been able to knock off a major project.”

The new headquarters be important not only for staff, but for the community as well, he said.

Timaru was the centre of St John’s workload in South Canterbury, and the new site allowed for good access to the main roads travelling north, south and inland.

That would help to ensure better response times to emergencies, he said.Authentic Nike Sneakersnike shoes black with silver sparkles women boots Triple White