St David’s supports St John with $1000

(From left) Todd Mudie (St John Timaru Area Committee Chair), Morven Sidal (St Davids Union Church Lay Minister) and Margaret Johnson ( Senior Lay Person St Davids Union Church)

by George Clark

Members of St David’s Church Presbyterian Church are paying it forward for their community.

St John’s Shuttle received a welcome boost in the form of a $1000 donation from St David’s Church which helped to cover eight weeks of operating costs for the service.

The money was raised by the church through the Aoraki Funeral Services “Community Assisted” programme, in which members provide host assistance in the Aoraki Funeral Home reception lounge following funerals.

Aoraki Funeral agreed to pay the church, rather than individuals, when they entered into the partnership, and that money has been designated for projects in the local community such as the shuttle.

Speaking of the initiative in December last year, St John Timaru area executive officer Sally Jarvie said “it was a great initiative between two organisations that is benefiting many community projects”.

Looking forward to the ongoing work by these two community groups, she said they were securing a bright future for St John.

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