by Alexia Johnston

Soapbox derby competitors Mark Churchward and Jono Nelson are on a roll.

The duo are adding the finishing touches to their red, metal-framed go-kart in preparation for the TiMoru Soapbox Derby 2017.

Competitors will race along George St – from Barnard St to Station St – on November 19.

Mr Churchward is confident he can win.

“Yup, we’ll try to,” he said, while putting it to the test on Monday.

Mr Nelson, a community and support care worker with NZ Care and Disability and Idea Services, has supported Mr Churchward on the project.

The duo admit their project has been a case of trial and error.

They started off with a wooden-framed kart, dubbed the Mark I, which was now parked in the garage.

After realising it was not sturdy enough, they went back to the drawing board to produce their metal-framed Mark II kart, which was all but complete on Monday.

“We’re going to the shop today to get more red paint and give it another paint job and get a sign made up so it looks good,” Mr Nelson said.

Mr Churchward, who will race the kart on the day, was looking forward to putting his work to the test against a competitive field.

The duo acknowledged the kart was also the product of Mr Churchward’s father, Peter, who assisted them with welding.

Mr Nelson, who spends time with Mr Churchward through his work, has also divided his time between handcycling, a code he has taken part in competitively for the past eight years.

Mr Nelson, who has spina bifida, averages 10 to 15 hours a week, with his next event, the NZ paracycling series, taking place on Sunday at Loburn.

The following week, he would add the TiMoru Soapbox Derby to his schedule, where the aim was to “have fun”, he said.

The event was scheduled to coincide with Movember to promote men’s health.Sports NewsMen’s shoes