Track gang . . . Working on track maintenance at the Pleasant Point railway on Saturday are (from left) Lloyd Robertson, Bill Noble, Josh Granger and Nicholas Trounson-Harris. PHOTO: CHRIS TOBIN

by Chris Tobin

With winter approaching, it’s maintenance time at the Pleasant Point Railway and Museum.

On Saturday a group of workers were replacing sleepers on the track.

“It’s not expensive for us,” Pleasant Point Railway and Historical Society president Bryan Blanchard said.

“We’ve got a stockpile of sleepers stored away off site and we just grab them as needed.

“We put in ones that have got a few more years’ life in them.

“They were originally used by New Zealand Rail who pulled them out and put in concrete sleepers.”

Mr Blanchard said they were helped by the Department of Corrections which had people do some of the preliminary work so that the sleepers could be easily pulled out.

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