Sharing story brings plenty of support


Sam Pierce’s attempt to raise awareness of Klinefelter syndrome is gaining traction.

Mr Pierce went public with his story after he was recently diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome (KS) – a chromosomal condition that affects male physical and cognitive development.

In simple terms, Mr Pierce (24) has an extra X chromosome.

He shared his story with The Courier last week and has since received numerous words of encouragement, particularly via social media.

Mr Pierce said although he was initially nervous about sharing his story, the response had been “really good” with a lot of positivity.

“It’s great.”

People have been very encouraging, often stating how brave they thought Mr Pierce was to share his story.

KS has varying degrees of symptoms, which often include small testicles, a lack of testosterone, breast tissue and weight gain on the hips and stomach.

Infertility can also be a factor.

Mr Pierce was diagnosed on November 9 last year and has since turned his attention to raising awareness in a positive way.

He has launched a YouTube channel to share his story and inspire anyone – with or without the condition – to enjoy life and achieve anything they set their mind to.

In just three months, Mr Pierce has gone from having no answers to creating a profile on social media that has amassed thousands of followers from around the Running shoes brandAir Jordan 1 Low GS Ice Cream Drip CW7104-601 Release Date Info