Bluestone School pupils (from left) Vinnie Todd (13), Tahliya Green (11), Danielle Black (11), Eden Hurst (12) and Emma Blades (12) will take part in the Sanford Science Fair this week.

by Greta Yeoman

The Sanford Science and Technology Fair begins today.

The South and Mid Canterbury schools’ event will be held at the Caroline Bay Community Hall from Tuesday to Thursday.

Tahliya and Danielle have teamed up to investigate whether it is possible to make an eco-friendly sunscreen that does not damage coral reefs; Eden and Emma have been looking at whether artificial food colouring affects how people think things will taste; and Vinnie has been looking at different resources for filtering water.

The science fair will start on Tuesday, but will be open to the public from 4-6pm on Wednesday, as well as 9am to 7.30pm on footwearNIKE(ナイキ)のアイテムを使ったコーディネート一覧