Restaurant to reopen


by Emma Perry

After being closed for almost seven months, a popular downtown Timaru restaurant is set to open its doors once more.

Naruwan closed in March when owners Sunny Wen and daughter Angel Wen(30) became stuck in Taiwan during Level 4 lockdown, and were not able to return until September.

Mrs Wen said they made the decision to keep their Taiwanese restaurant closed as they had planned to sell as they were unable to find staff and maintain the high cost of rent.

But after not getting around to selling the restaurant and hearing from members of the public who wanted it to reopen, it was time to give it a try for the second time.

“Not working was very boring.

“People were very sad when we closed and we were sad to let it go.”

It was hoped the restaurant would reopen at the end of this month, Ms Wen said.

“We’re still looking for staff and we have a lot to do before we can open, but we hope everyone will be happy to come again.

“We’re changing the menu and service might be slower but we thought we wanted to open the door and try again.”

Preparations were well under way for reopening, Ms Wen said.

“We’re very busy need to find experienced staff and do a lot of cleaning.

The restaurant would operate on reduced hours and with reduced numbers for a start, she said.

“We want to be busy, but not too busy until we get staff .. we do encourage everyone to come and support us.”Best Authentic SneakersNike Shoes