Remuneration by the numbers


by Chris Tobin

Whoever wins the race to become Timaru’s mayor in this year’s local body elections can expect a pay rise – but a different approach will apply for councillors’ remuneration.

Mayor Damon Odey receives remuneration of $115,897 (plus vehicle) which becomes $124,688 (less vehicle) in the pre-election period.

After the election, the remuneration package will be $132,500 although this figure will be subject to approval by the council and the Remuneration Authority, the council’s policy and development committee was advised at its meeting this week.

Remuneration amounts

Deputy mayor: Current $49,831; pre-election $52,377, post-election $35,543 (minimum).

Committee chairperson: Current $44,493; pre-election $46,767; post-election $35,543 (minimum).

Deputy committee chairperson: Current, $37,375; pre-election $39,285; post-election $35,543 (minimum).

Councillor: Pre-election, $37,414; post-election $35,5543 (minimum).

Community boards

Geraldine Community Board:Chairperson current, $10,792; pre-election $11,008; post-election, $11,008; board member over same period $5397, $5504, $5504.

Pleasant Point Community Board: Chairperson post-election $8633; board member $4317.

Temuka Community Board:Chairperson post-election $11,224; board member $5612. The chairs of the Pleasant Point and Temuka boards are presently held by sitting councillors and no remuneration is applied to these positions.

After the election, remuneration would move to a governance remuneration pool for councillors, council strategy and corporate planning manager Mark Low said in a report to the committee.

This meant elected councillors would receive a minimum remuneration of $35,543 but then the council would have to decide how the remuneration pool would be allocated and recommend their decision to the Remuneration Authority.

“The pool will cover extra remuneration to councillors who take on additional responsibilities, for example deputy mayor, committee chairs or portfolio leaders.

“The authority has adopted a set of revised and updated council indices.

“The new sizes relate to the size of the governance role based on a number of indicators. They are not related to the number of councillors on the council and are not affected by changes in council size in the future.”

The authority will also introduce a child-care allowance for those elected who have responsibility for caring for children aged under 14. The allowance will be capped at $6000 per child per annum and some conditions could apply. The newly elected council would have to decide whether a child-care allowance would be available.

The remuneration of community board members will not be included in the new approach to councillors’ remuneration.

The pool amount allocated to the Timaru District Council for 2019-20 is $451,584.Running sneakers『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧