Bags of warmth . . . Rotary Club of Timaru firewood project co-ordinators Jim Garden (left) and Tony Henderson are keen to shift some of the club's stockpile to homes where it's needed. PHOTO: CLAIRE ALLISON

by Claire Allison

Demand isn’t keeping up with supply for the Rotary Club of Timaru’s free firewood.

The club has developed a successful firewood project, securing a year-round supply of furniture factory offcuts and holding working bees to cut and bag up ready-to-burn wood, which is distributed via social agencies.

But with fire-lighting season nearly over, club members are eyeing up a huge stockpile of bagged wood in their shed and want it moved on to where it’s most needed.

Project co-ordinators Jim Garden and Tony Henderson said that while about 1200 bags of wood were distributed this winter, there were probably another 1000 that could go and still leave the club with a decent stockpile before next winter.

And with the club continuing its firewood working bees throughout the year, members were a bit worried about where it was all going to go.

“By the time we get to next winter, it will be out the door,” Mr Henderson said.

The club has worked through winter with social agencies such as Family Works, St Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army, Best Start, Plunket, St John and the Aoraki Multicultural Society to distribute firewood to homes where it is needed.

Mr Henderson said that with cold snaps still happening, the club was sure there were people who could make use of the dry hardwood, and he urged those in need to contact social agencies to ask for some.

The club was also keen for agencies to make the most of the available supply for their clients.

“There’s no need for people to be cold – there’s plenty of wood available.”